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Services and Tools to Transform 10x faster and better.


Avoid the "built here." Avoid the senior engineer localized problem. Don't build your tomorrow without an architecture that maximizes value.

Strategic Realization

No more watermelon projects. No more trojan horse projects. Know what and how to execute.

Application Modernization

If changing platforms is too costly or time intensive, consider our tooling and preserve your IP. Move from legacy to wow quickly.


Your source code tells a story. Discover opportunities and challenges. Information that can be vital to transformation is uncovered. Imagine your source code as a visual map.

TX Digital Twin

No more guessing. No more stress. Find the right process, people alignment, technology plan, and strategy. Get moving with a purpose and clear vision.

Modern Delivery

Realize value and alignment with DevOps, Cloud and modern pragmatic methodologies like agile, delivery modernization, and team topologies.

Our Approach

Strategic Realization

We get it!

Restructuring your legacy monolith IT architecture, introducing DevOps and Agile, and upgrading skillsets to make it all work together are the obvious transformational changes that any consulting company worth their salt will advise. These are Big Rocks that successful companies like yours, that are early in the transformation and modernization journey run into eventually. We bring the right mix of these disparate areas into a cohesive, hands on strategy to reach your ideal state.

Application Modernization

Got legacy code/applications?  Feeling left behind because you can’t take advantage of newer tools, technologies, and talent – consider modernization.  Whether its .NET, Java, RPG, PHP, Cobol, or something you don’t think we’ve heard of, imagine transforming that application into a modern architecture, language, and being able to take advantage of Cloud or better.  Yeah, we do that, it may seem like magic, until you experience it for yourself.  Go from letdown to wow 10x faster and for pennies on the dollar of COTS replacement or a manual rebuild.

We know it sounds like a big deal, because it is!

Application modernization is key to simplifying IT & Transformation and modernizing the architecture and language within your organization in months, not years!


Designing a future IT organization that is aligned with the business and IT strategy and is able to future proof and unlock business value is challenging.  So many macro and micro technologies and processes need to align into execution that is clear and not overkill.  Unlock your data, systems, people, and processes to get to wow.  We want to help you build solid foundations and reduce friction.

We start with the end in mind to ensure your architecture is:

  • Easily managed
  • Secure
  • Cost effective
  • Motivated to continue professional development
  • Well understood by the team
  • Well governed for the long term

Modernization Tools


Any trustworthy Guide uses a map to get you where you’re going – avoiding safety hazards and minimizing roadblocks. Gazetteer is our proprietary tool used to help you gain insights quickly and understand your risk facilitating modernization allowing you to visually drive complex architecture change. As your Guides, we deploy our Gazetteer tool to map applications and produce the roadmap to reach an ideal target state within your organization.

30 Orbits™

Imagine if your transformation had a digital twin. Part assessment framework and scoring metric, part tooling and reporting, that helps you run your organization. It’s important as a leader that you are able to quickly ascertain risks and challenges and understand the depth and impact that transformation will have on your people, processes, and technology. With 30 Orbits™, we will help you unlock insights in your organization that will provide clarity on how to sequence activity to realize change without disrupting your entire ecosystem.

Think of 30 Orbits™ as your Mission Control!

  • Depict friction and foundation gaps in IT operations
  • Quickly understand and track progress against opportunities
  • Have your Strategic Realization and Enterprise Architecture aligned
  • Allow for time-series based view to support improvements
  • Have clear line of sight of what is important

Are you ready to land the moonshot?

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