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As seen at RDU Dev Ops 2023
Getting to DORA: Achieving
Your Desired State

About More Better Technology

We’re changing the way organizations approach digital transformation using our proprietary modernization tools, our depth of real-life transformation experience and good old fashioned hard work to help you simplify IT transformation.   Our team is comprised of Fortune 100 Architects and Senior Leaders with experience in the digital transformation trenches.  We’re kindred spirits, honest and we love a good pun!  Funny name, awesome service, amazing products!

Getting to DORA is unique for each organization, team, and system. For those teams that are
starting with a legacy application environment, DORA maturity can seem nearly unobtainable.

Get focused, remove the friction and build the foundations to get unstuck and move
towards a more DORA aligned operating environment.

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There are key areas to focus on to achieve better results – building the foundations to achieve the pragmatic state for your organization

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