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🖥️ A reliable code repository is crucial for versioning and managing the code, whether you’re collaborating with a team or working solo. 🖥️ The tech industry is gradually transitioning from centralized code repositories like team foundation version control to decentralized systems such as Git. 💡 Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub underscores their commitment to Git, hinting that Azure DevOps will continue receiving robust support and updates. 🌱 Directly modifying the main branch in Git is frowned upon. Instead, it’s advisable to initiate a new branch for development and merge it into the main branch once it’s ready. 📝 Cultivate the habit of penning clear comments. This aids in understanding the changes made and their reasons, benefiting both the author and other developers. 📝 In Azure DevOps Repos, creating a pull request is a pivotal step in the development journey. It kickstarts the code review and testing phases for merging changes between branches. 🔄 The pull request procedure allows for multiple iterations and tweaks. There’s also the flexibility to label it as a draft or discard it if required. 🔧 Implementing permissions and safety measures in Azure DevOps Repos offers oversight and protects the main branch. This ensures controlled modifications and reduces potential risks.