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We are based in the U.S. and began from humble beginnings in 1999 and have reached beyond the U.S. with our European and Indian offices that focus on system and digital transformation. Our focus is being experts in system architecture and system modernization. We utilize tool based transformation of systems that are customized to align with your specific needs to realize modern frameworks and technologies, including cloud-native, micro-services, and modern language and tooling support. We create the foundations necessary to support a complete system modernization by implementing DevOps, cloud, and QA end-to-end.

Modernize, don’t stagnate.

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What We Do

Our focus on Re-Architecture and Application Modernization are results of a complete process to deliver the highest value solutions.

Leverage your existing investments and intellectual property by converting your COBOL, RPG, .NET, Java, Javascript, and even proprietary language-based systems into modern, scalable, and maintainable systems built on current frameworks and foundations. You have alternatives to long adoption and costly implementations of COTS platforms or manual rebuilds – modernize and adapt.

Why Choose Us

Is this you?

  • Stuck in near grid lock on how to proceed with changing one or more critical systems,
  • How to do it,
  • Do it quickly and not break the business,
  • Where to find the funds,
  • How not to disrupt your business strategy
  • Where to find talent to support your systems

Wanting to preserve your organizations culture, intellectual property, and momentum in the marketplace Our solutions deliver value faster than COTS solutions, preserve intellectual property and prior investments, all for pennies on the dollar.


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What is Application Modernization?

Or… It may not be what you think it is… don’t bet your career and your organization’s future on assuming you have it right.

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Why Application Modernization?

Learn your Why…. and get your team aligned on the “how” and detailing the benefits produced.

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Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Implementation Thoughts

Oh, the joys of working with big vendors and selecting a COTS product. Some things to consider in your greater process…

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